UV curing Putty

While working on the Sefer and Qan[T] I tested some UV curing solutions to speed up my process. One day I got a message from a company producing a new promising UV curing putty and they sent me a sample.

Because of the pandemic, the package arrived a while ago so here comes my review and test.

First of all, I was really impressed with the packaging and the quality of the product. The Putty itself is sealed in a light protected bag as well as in a metal box. Inside rests the putty protected by a foil. 

The UV light is small, strong, and rechargeable. It's no cheap UV led lamp. the housing is from aluminum and the battery lasts for a long time.

The first thing I noticed while using it was the smell. it reminded me of a rub-on medicine I got as a little kid for a cold. So please don`t eat it even if it smells good ( haha)

So here comes the test. I tested my major slowing down problems with working on Plamo, the filling of smaller voids and gaps. Where Superglue is to bridle and 2part epoxy needs too long to cure, I started using this product.

The consistency is like epoxy putty. Cured it´d rock-solid. The manufacturer recommends cooling down the pieces after curing for increasing the adhesion. I recommend that for larger pieces like HG skirts for example.

Sanding and shaping are okay. the putty is really hard so you tend to use iron files but sometimes that's not the best way.

Shaping parts and fixing small errors is not a problem anymore with this. 

I can totally recommend this product for small voids, gaps, and fixing minor issues.